Saturday, 17 September 2011

#625 of Year 2 Micr Machines Ship in a Bottle #6 7410 Power Boat

This is the last trio of Micro Machines that I'm opening for Speed September.. and it's not even a car.  It's still a vehicle though and it's a racing boat of sort, simply titled Power Boat.

The garish Micro Machines header is still there on the package, but the nice painted artwork is gone.  Instead, we get a photograph of a warship of sorts.  The back of the card has all 12 ships in the line.

The bubble over the glass bottle is way too scratched on my copy, but then again, it has been more than 10 years.  The name of the boat isn't listed anywhere on the card itself, but is clearly shown as part of the "toy".

I'm not too sure I like the front of the cardback.  That picture doesn't seem too impresssive.  There's just two items here - a tag and the bottled ship.

I laughed when I read T Party.  Apparently, this was before the advent of the Tea Party Republicans in the US.  The boat itself is nice, but since it's enclosed in a bottle, it might as well be a lump of plastic for all I care.  It could probably be removed from the bottle, but I'm not going to try.

It's bit for a Micro Machine, but it's not really too playable thanks to it being inside a bubble.  It'd be a nice display piece, but since I've got limited space, I'm probably gonna throw them back into the box.

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