Wednesday, 21 September 2011

#629 of Year 2 Lego 7034 World City Surveillance Truck

It's still Lego Police week of Speed September, and I'm going retro today... back to a World City set.  World City, for those not in the know was the forerunner of the City theme.  It bridges the gap between "Town" and "City".  And like always, there's a police subtheme, and this is one of the sets released way back in 2003.

I actually got this back in 2003 and it has remained unopened until today.  The City box design was already evident even back then, but back then, they used nicer backgrounds as compared to now.  Another difference is that the back of the box still shows alternate models - two alternate models in this case.  That's gone on the new sets released these days.

The box contains five unnumbered baggies, a huge super piece, the instruction booklet and a decal sheet.  The decal sheet shows that the logos are a bit more complex than the simplistic logos of today.

There are two minifigs in the set, one of whom has a flattop.  There's also a trike and a large six stud cab.  The build was simple, but the design seems a bit too... raw.  I'm glad that there's still openable doors on the cab though.

The trailer took a bit longer to build, but it wasn't that difficult.  In fact, it reminds me of train builds.

The cab has a computer room, and storage areas in the front and back.  The trike fits into the back of the truck, but there's no ramp for it to go up, which is a pity.

Nevertheless, despite this being 8 years old, it still fits into the rest of the modern city sets.  The set has a lot of features and is great fun during play.  That's no surprise as it is Lego after all.

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