Monday, 5 September 2011

#613 of Year 2 Lego 8424 Cars 2 Mater's Spy Zone

It's Speed September here on Toy a Day and I'm dedicating this week to Cars 2.  I just watched it over the weekend and I liked the movie.  I'll start off with the hero of the movie, Tow Mater!

The box reminds me of the Lego Ferari box, being red and black.  There's a nice picture of the cute couple splashed on the front with both the Lego and Cars 2 logo being unobtrusive.  The back shows the vehicles...

including their names in a multitude of languages.  This might be a short week though as I only have 5 sets this week.  Maybe I'll get lucky and score some more as the week goes on.

There are two baggies in the box, and the instruction booklet... I think it's supposed to come with a decal sheet, but I got two instead!  So much for quality control, but hey, I can't complain as it's in my favour.

The first baggie has magenta pieces... no prizes for guessing what it builds.

Yup, baggie number 1 builds Holley and her control panel... or a part of it.

Baggie number 2 builds Mater himself.

I like Holley.  She's not Arcee pink, but is a shade of magenta that's feminine yet nice.  The design of the car, complete with the printed headlight and eyes gives it a very whimsy look.  She doesn't look like the version in the movie, but oh well.

This is the agent Mater version of Mater, complete with rocket engine and guns.  He's well designed and I like the unorthodox use of bricks on him.  The printed bricks gives him a lot more character - I'm glad it's not decals as I'd probably take ages to get those perfect.

I have to say I'm in love with these.  I almost passed them when I first saw them because, let's face it, these don't even have minifigs (and that statement should be copyright Huw).  The end product is cutesey and whimsical and actually would display very nicely.  I'm glad I got these!

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