Wednesday, 7 September 2011

#615 of Year 2 Lego 8426 Cars 2 Escape at Sea

It's day 3 of Lego Cars 2 Week here on Toy a Day, and it's still Speed September this month.  And for a change, I'm gonna open a set that features a submarine car and a ship today.

The movie starts with Finn on a boat which got roughed up by a huge military boat of some sort.  Well, this set does take some liberties, but that's what it's suppose to represent.  The box is a bit taller than the previous two,a nd it does allow for all the contents of the set to fit onto the front of the box.

The set contains the usual - two baggies, an instruction booklet, a decal sheet and whatever that can't go into the baggies, in this case, the hull of the ship.

Each one of the instruction booklet so far has two pages near the end dedicated to a checklist of the vehicles in the theme.  From there, one can clearly see that there are three versions of McQueen, McMissile and Shiftwell, two of Mater, and one of everyone else.

Baggie number 1 builds Prof. Z...

...  and Finn McMissile.

Baggie number 2 builds the ship and two buoys.

The professor is interesting.  I like the use of the dark green and the pale green bricks here.  The expression on the printed brick is whimsical and fits in well with the theme.  What it could do with are some decals for the bumpers, but that's a minor point really.

Submarine Finn does capture the expression of the character very well.  However, the design of the vehicle is a bit of a compromise what with the wheels and such.  Ideally, they could have provided some bits of string for the harpoon, and designed the vehicle such that the "wings" are foldable under the vehicle.

The ship is a bit too short in my opinion, and looks nothing like the ship in the movie, which was a cat of some sort.  The design is good, despite the length - there's even space to park Prof. Z on the aft of the ship!  There are two firing missiles on the ship, a huge spotlight and neon radar dishes.  It could be better in so many other areas though.

Overall, the set earns points for playability, not for visual aesthetics.  This was the first set this week (of which I've only opened 3 anyways) that I considered not displaying any of the vehicles contained because they are a bit lacking...

... well, mostly lacking.  Prof. Z is probably the only exception.

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