Saturday, 24 September 2011

#632 of Year 2 Lego 7744 City Police Headquarters

It's alsmost the end of City Police week of Speed September, and I'm gonna open one of the biggest box of Lego today.  It's from 2008 though, which isn't too old, but it's not available anymore in the stores either.

The box is huge, yet the image on the front can't fit fully on the front, but bleeds over the top the top of the box.

The back shows the number of baggies inside, which is a bit crazy at nine, as well as some of the action features in the set.

The front flap of the box opens up and shows more pictures.  The box contains quite a lot of bits including a decal sheet, and not nine, but ten baggies and three instruction booklets.  There are also two baseplates.

Instruction booklet number 1 and baggie number 1 go together and builds two coppers...

... a bike and a one-man patrol car.

Instruciton booklet number 2 and baggie number 2 builds a cop, a dog and a van for the dog.

Instruction booklet 3+4+5 goes with baggies numbers 3, 4 and 5 and the smaller baseplate.

Baggie number 3 builds four figures, and the ground floor of the prison.

Baggie number 4 builds the top floor of the jail complex except the jail cells which comes from baggie number 5.  I like the toilets in the jail cells, complete with toilet seats and lids.

The overall jail cell is completed with a watchtower and a communications array.

The final booklet and the large is for the last four baggies and the huge baseplate.

Baggie 6 builds the garage.

Baggie 7, whcih is a bit odd as it does not have a white border around the number, completes the garage level and the fences/barricades on the ground floor.

Baggie number 8 builds the first floor of the building complete with office facilities and a water dispenser.

Baggie number 9 builds the top level complete with an interview room and a coffee maker.

The jail complex can be joined to the office blocks in a number of ways, and overall, it's a rather complex set with a lot of playable features.

The set is good.  It fits in very well with the City Police theme and is highly playable and packed with action features.  The price point may be high, but to a hardcore Lego collector, it's definitely worth it.

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