Thursday, 1 September 2011

#608 of Year 2 G I Joe Mole Pod

Another day, another Rise of Cobra vehicle.  This was another of those vehicles that when I saw in the movie I hoped they would produce as a toy so that I could get it.  And I was not disappointed.

The box is boring as usual, but thanks to the wide window and the nice flame effects on the back, it's not as bad as it could be.

The contents include the vehicle, a figure, a missile, a decal sheet and a sheet of instructions.  So far so good.

The Terra Vipers are a bit boring, but then again, they are "army builders".  They do fit into the vehicle rather well.

The vehicle itself is nice.  The minimalist design of hte sculpt does have significant details on the auger bit and the tank threads. The paintwork is almost non-existant, but I do like the metallic finish on the drill bit.  The drill bit is articulated in that it spins manually, which is a nice touch.  The firing missile is a nice touch, but it's regrettable that it's not also painted silver or grey in the least.  Overall, I like the vehicle.

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