Tuesday, 30 August 2011

#607 of Year 2 G I Joe Sky Sweeper Jet

It's the last day of the month, and I'm still on a GIJoe binge... and it's still the movie vehicles.  Today it's the Sky Sweeper Jet.

The box is plain as usual, but it is rather eye catching thanks to the large window and the use of green and black when everything these days is either red or blue or pink.  The back of the box shows some nice pictures of the contents and has a lot of text.

There's quite a lot of in this box, despite it being the same size as the Rockslide ATAV yesterday.  Engines, skids, missiles and bombs.  My oh my.  And that's in addition to the jet and the figure.

There's also a decal sheet!

The figure is named Sgt. Airbourne and comes with a pistol, a rifle and a helmet.  He also has a weird pack worn around his waist.  He's mostly black though, and that obscures some of the detail of the sculpt.  I think I like Snow Job better.

The jet too a while to builc, but the end result is awesome.  It's almost double the size of Rockslide.  Besides an opening cockpit, it has removable engines and jet skis, two "drop" bombs under the wings and two missile launchers with blue missiles.  This jet is armed to the teeth.  And I'm surprised that I like this a lot.  These GIJoe vehicles are sure fun.

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