Sunday, 21 August 2011

#598 of Year 2 Ultraman GUYS GMS-04

It's the last day of the Ultraman week here on Toy a Day, and I end with this weird plane from Ultraman GUYS (I have no idea what that stands for), the GUYS Machine Series (GMS)-04.

The box seems pretty standard fare for an Ultraman vehicle. There's a picture of the vehicle out front and a picture of an Ultraman figure, although no such figure will be found in the box.  The back has "action shots" of the vehicles as well as its alt modes and about 40% of the lower half being devoted to text.

The instructions are detailed and completely illustrated and annotated in Japanese.  Ah well.  There's only two parts to this jet, a cockpit and the jet body.

Installation is easy, just lift up the flap, pop in the cockpit and lower the flap.  Now the thing about that is that the flap doesn't secure very well to the rest of the vehicle, so it does get loose and the cockpit does drop out during play.  The vehicle itself is very nicely painted and it does have die cast metal for the main body of the jet so it's a bit heavy.  The paintwork, like most Japanese Bandai stuff is excellent.

The jet does have an alt mode - the aelirons can be extended out front, the missile launcher can be lowered to form pontoons and the wing-tips can be folded open to give it a V-shape.  Those wing tips are made from transparent yellow rubbery plastic and is painted on the top to match the rest of the plane - they are rather nicely done.  I like this jet overall, despite the limited gimmicks.

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