Thursday, 25 August 2011

#602 of Year 2 G I Joe Specialist Trakker (MASK)

Hasbro now has all the Kenner rights, and to ensure that they retain the copyright for some of the more notable characters, they had to do something at the end of 20 years or whatever that may be.  So they shoved Matt Trakker of MASK fame into their G. I. Joe line as an anniversary exclusive.

The packaging is old school G.I.Joe, complete with the nicely painted image on the front which is repeated on the bio at the back.

The only giveaway is that the MASK logo is now reproduced on the top right corner of the card, but instead of it saying MASK, it now spells it out in full.  Perhaps Jim Carrey has copyright to the Mask name now?

The figure comes with a helmet, a gun, a three piece helibackpack and a stand.

The face sculpt is very detailed, but looks more like the anchor guy from CNN than Matt Trakker from the cartoon series.  The base has his last name on it, but his full name is included in the bio.

The overall figure is a bit boring, and it's based on his most iconic jumpsuit from Thunderhawk.  I don't have that figure, but I do havae the version of him from Goliath.  Surprisingly, the face of the figure from the 80s resembles the cartoon more than this new figure.  This one is GIJoe scale at just under 4-inch, and is definitely not compatible with the vintage figure.  He's a nice addition, but I wish they made the rest of his cohorts as well.

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