Sunday, 7 August 2011

#583 of Year 2 MotUC Destructor from Fuerza-T

I got two extra Clawfuls.  I was hoping to make two Claw guys and army build with them, but Havoc pointed out that I could make Fuerza-T's Destructor with them which started me down this current "craze" for repaint customs.

I was at a dilemma though.  I didn't have Beastman legs or Skeletor's body and hands and loincloth.  Should I proceed by just repainting Clawful?  Also, I wasn't sure if the metallic blue colour that I got would work, or it might be a mighty disaster and clash with the red horrendously.  Well, as can be seen from the final result above, it doesn't look too bad.

The shade of blue is the metallic version that matches Clawful's belt and boots.  It also matches the "claws" on the shield.  I decided to paint the shield a bit to differiente it from Clawful's.  I like the metallic blue on Destructor though, it makes him look "pearlised".  Next up, Felinor?

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