Saturday, 6 August 2011

#582 of Year 2 MotUC Dora custom

I got a spare Battleground Teela during the sale.  I mean she's got a nice new body and that body could be used as the basis for another character.  Yes, I know Battleground Teela is one of Toyguru's favourite characters, but I've no intention of displaying a sex-changed Master Bates.

And I didn't realised that Teela was checking out Master Bates in that photo.  I blame it on her weird head sculpt.

Nope, I wanted to make Dora, the She-Ra of the north.  Battleground Teela's neck peg is a bit larger than what was found on She-Ra, so I had to gouge a bit of She-Ra's head to fit.  But otherwise it's OK.  All that gold on her even goes with the gold sword that came with She-Ra.  OK, so this is a bad custom, but my shelf could definitely use the presence of more females and this one is a nice addition.

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