Monday, 29 August 2011

DCUC Lanterns (including customs)

Nope, these aren't new toys I'm opening.  I did ask SirDragonBane of Chase Variant to pick up a few DCUC lanterns for me to buff up my "Corps".

Guy was the only Green Lantern Corp figure that he got me, but it has the vac metal lantern.  He's a welcomed addition to my GLC display.  I still have to write up the Stel review for PGPoA though.  Well, one of these days...

He got me a Skallox as well, but I used that body for my Nitelik instead.  OK, so 3 figures doesn't make a corp.  Will we get Atrocious?  I have no idea.  I wish there were some humanoid with a humanoid face member of the Red Lanterns though.  Wait, that's Atrocious...

He also got 3 Low/Maash bodies for me, the first one I used to make yellow brocolli man.  I haven't named him yet.  I couldn't think of what to do with the last body, so I just added the collar from Naut Kei Loi to the Skallox head to create a custom lantern.  Yes I know it's not very imaginative, but I can only kitbash, so it'll have to do... for now.

Of course, the second body was retained as Maash since I kept my first figure as Low.  So there's my Sinestro Corps, and it does look grand!  Thanks to SirDragonBane for the five figures and 3B from Killer B Hive for the inspiration!


  1. Looks great! How about "Broccolos" for your broccoli-headed custom? Or Brocculus?

  2. You're welcome, dude! Cut-price figures rule! ;)

    And thanks for the plug. I'm envious of your Sinestro Corp! (I do so love Yellow Broccoli man. Maybe you should call him Illphyll, patch brother of Medphyll but left in the fridge too long to turn yellow and become evil!...Or something like that. Lol. ;)

  3. His name is Xantophyll - the same name as the yellow pigment found in plants. And he's a bit "mature" which is why he's always cranky and not so much fear-inducing. LOL. @SDB: If you want a yellow Brocolli head, send me one and I'll paint it for you :)

  4. Damn, that's a nice collection of Sinestro Corps. figures.

  5. Thanks Erin, but you should see what 3B has instead. He's got a lot more on display last month.


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