Sunday, 28 August 2011

#603 - #605 of Year 2 G I Joe Dado, Bang Jo and

I guess this is sort of turning out to be a GIJoe half week after all.  I was at the Japanese import store, when I noticed these in their discount bins.  Yes, some spanish GIJoe in a Japanese store.  So totally weird...

There's a lot of pink on the card for a line aimed at boys.  The pink does make it stand out, but still, it's a bit Barbie-esque and odd for this line.  And the diagrams on the front showcasing the croutches?  That's also odd.

I have no idea if the names are purely Spanish or if they are translations from English, but Doyo is an odd name.  It's a G.I.Joe card, and the figure is shown in its entirety in the bubble.

The figure comes with a set of blue weapons which is reminiscent of what LJN does.  However, this is a Hasbro line though.  Perhaps it's because it was the 90s?  The figure is interesting with a nicely sculpted torso and a masked wrestler head, complete with rooted ponytail!  Yeehaw!

Despite the small size, there is a spring loaded shoulder in there that makes him do karata chops.  It's a nice figure overall though and should be great for a GIJoe fan...

Does Dado mean dice in Spanish?  I don't really know, but that's the name of the next character.  Unlike the other two, this one doesn't have his crotch being the focus of the image, so that's one good thing.

The cards show that it has action features on the front bottom left corner.  The instructions are "hidden" behind the figure on the card itself, as is usual for GIJoe.

The clip and save bio shows that the figure has Hasbro origins, and unlike most of the "other figures" images on the back of the card, GIJoe has the card pictures instead of pictures of the toys.   The Equipo Ninja logo (is that Ninja Force in English?) sits under the GIJoe logo, and in this case, the "Cobra" logo is there as well.  No points for guessing which faction Dado belongs to.

He comes with two weapons and a stand.  What is interesting is that his torso is nicely sculpted and painted and his face is masked.  His right arm has a sprint loaded feature that doesn't seem to work on my copy though.

This figure is a lot nicer than Doyo above, or at least in my opinion.

The final figure today is Bang Jo, and with that weird name and that posture of putting his crotch front and centre on the card makes this a rather weird figure.

He comes with two bright blue weapons and a stand.  It does make me wonder if the good guys all got bright blue weapons.  His sculpt is symmetrical and nice, and the paintwork is good, but there's not so much detail as the other two.  His face is masked, and there are two ribbons extending from the top of his head.  Hmm...

Overall, these look like masked Latin wresting figures.  They are nice, but they are GIJoe scaled, which really isn't my thing.  Still for the price I got them, they aren't too bad.


  1. You're tugging at my nostalgia strings this week, Nov. "Bang Jo" was one of my favorite G.I. Joe figures as a kid. I don't remember his name, though I'm pretty sure it wasn't Bang Jo. I played with him and the Joe mini-sub, Barracuda, all the time.

    Anyhoo... I'll help you out with some of the Spanish here. First up, "equipo" means team. "Dado" is the Spanish word for dice, but not as in chopping. It's dice as in playing dice. The other dice doesn't translate easily, so it wouldn't have the same intended effect of Slice and Dice.

  2. T'Jbang! Here he is!

  3. Yay, Nostalgia strings. Thanks for the translations though. It's funny that they translated the names of the characters into Spanish, but I guess that makes sense if these are for the Spanish market.


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