Wednesday, 10 August 2011

#584 of Year 2 Iron Man Animated Adventures Crimson Dynamo

I think this is a bit overdue, but oh well.  I've been itching to open this for a while now.  It's Animated Iron Man though, and although it's 4-inch, it still looks like an interesting figure.

The card has all the usual elements - logo up top, with a picture of the toy in the title card.  I'm not that keen on the image of the epynomous hero on the front of the card though.  The back of the card has the bio, an image and the cross sell image.  It's funny how similar this is element wise to the old MotU stuff from the 80s.

This figure is part of my Iron Man week though... or was supposed to be.  Six figures from three different lines.  The figure consists of the figure itself and the backpack thing which just plugs into his back and makes him even more top heavy.  As a result of that he has a tendency to topple over.  It also doesn't help that he lacks knee articulation and it's a pain to get his feet to rest flat on the ground.  He does come with six points of articulation - hips, shoulders and elbows.  The backpack can be rotated on his back as it's just plugged in, but that's not an articulation point though.

The paintwork is boring, but rather well done.  And he has an action feature which locks his hands together... well, when one hand is moved, the other moves along with it.  However, they can be separately posed as well.  Play wise, this is more or less a brick.  It's boring, but it does its job.  Wait, why was I so hyped up about this again?  I don't really know but hopefully I'll find out as the week progresses.


  1. I got one of these on clearance - I figure it'd be pretty easy to make into a bat-bot, which I may or may not ever get around to doing.

  2. Let me know when you trnaform it to a bat-bot! I'd love to see pictures.


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