Thursday, 4 August 2011

#580 of Year 2 MotUC Stingrad custom

I got two more Buzz-Offs the other day, because like Catra, he comes with two weapons and can be displayed two different ways.  The third was just for custom fodder, of which I've not decided yet what to do with it.  Perhaps Kamo Kahn early next year?

Just to shake things up a bit though, I thought I'd add a few "fangs" to him in an attempt to make Stingrad, but alas, it didn't work as well as I planned.  I also painted his eyes that metallic blue (the same shade as Tekno), but I should really see if I could get a shade of red instead.

OK, he still looks like Buzz-Off, but when Buzz wears his helmet, they become slightly different.  The fangs do seem out of place - perhaps I do need a third one (but I'll have to dig in my huge box of small Lego parts for those), but I doubt that would make it any better.  They really should have given Buzz-Off his MYP head when they made him though.  Here's hoping that we get Stingrad and Bumblor and Queen Andreenos soonish.

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