Wednesday, 3 August 2011

#579 of Year 2 MotUC Clawful

I guess this is the second week of what's turning out to be MotUC and customs week.  Today isn't a custom though, but I'm opening a bona fide MotUC - Clawful.  I've got two more of him somewhere to make custom Claw Guys down the line, so be forewarned!

Clawful comes on the standard MotUC card.  It's getting a bit boring now, but I applaud Mattel's chutzpah to keep using the same packaging.  It's going to be a boon for MoC collectors of course, that all the packaging is the same and that it doesn't change despite the craziness 30th anniversary or whatever that's coming up.  I hope.

Clawful comes with his club and a shield - more on those later.  Otherwise, he's just a Buzzoff repaint with new armour, head and a right claw.  The paint on the figure is good - I like the way the upper shoulders are red, although I wish they could fade into the skin tone down the arm.

The sheild is just a lump of plastic with a clip to attach to Clawful's left wrist.  It does have paint blue spikes and some level of sculpted detail, but is otherwise rather boring.  The club is green and has a lot of sculpted detail.  Gone is the strap though.  This isn't a remade Mossman club though, as the club actually has a "tail" on its lower end that reminds me of a feather duster.  It plugs in securely to Clawful's left claw, or can be held by the right claw.

The right claw though, is oversized as is expected of the figure.  Now, what surprised me was that despite the claim that there would not be action features (and thus, the absence of the lever on the claw), there is actually a spring built into the claw.  That's just cool.  The back of the armour has quite a bit of sculpted detail.  It doesn't go as far as the millennium version though, but it does look good.  Like many out there, I wish there was a way to clip the shield to the back.

The cartoony head sculpt is where many has issues with it.  I don't though.  I know the goofy looking vintage figure isn't a fan favourite, but I think this face sculpt captures the essence of that, yet updates it to make it look less goofy and even more MotU, if that's even possible.  I mean, in a line with the likes of elephant-snouted men and a guy with a metallic lower jaw, a muppety looking face fits right in.  I do like that they have extended the scales on hsi neck and shoulders to the rest of the face though.

No contest with regards to who this version of the Clawful is based on.  It's the vintage version, of course, but he does have elements from the millennium version with the painted neck and shoulders and the back crab shell backpack.  This is a nice figure - he's not my favourite, but he'll definitely beef up my Evil Warriors display.

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