Monday, 22 August 2011

#599 and #600 of Year 2 Hook Peter Pans - Air Attack and Swashbuckling

I don't really have the time these days to do a post each day for each toy opened, so I thought I might as well just combine a few of them here and there where they make sense like I did last week.  And today it's two different versions of one character - Peter Pan!

I like the packaging - the huge hooked hand/claw, teh logo and the clear bubbles/blisters unencumbered by title cards to perfectly show off the contents in them.

The back of the card is a bit plain, but it does contain all the crucial bits.  I like the artwork on the top right corner of the cards whcih seems to be individualised for each figure.

And the cross sell/other figures in the line bit is precious.  This was the old school way of tracking down everything else in the line before the advent of the internet, of course.

The name of the figure is hidden right under the Hook logo in a rather small font, but that doesn't really matter as Mattel added a nice painted graphic of the toy next to it.  Yes, that image is individualised for each figure and is different from the one on the back, which means there are two nice pieces of artwork for each figure.

The figure has the regular five articulation points, but what sets it apart is the sculpt which gives the characters interesting things like a belt!  The paintwork on the figure is very good for the time, with everything neat and proper.  The two-toned torso is also very well done.  The headsculpt is a bit too simple by today's standards, but it is probably considered good for its time.  Overall, the figure is very well executed.

It's call Air Attack because he comes with a sabre and a two piece backpack.  The backpack is sculpted with some detail, but is not painted.  It does allow one to hook a figure to some place and allow him to "hang" in the air.  The thing I really like about the backpack is that it has MotU's Webstor "schtick" - yes, pulling on the lower "tab" will cause the backpack and the figure attached to it to "zip" along the line.

Swashbuckling Peter Pan on the other hand... doesn't come with a backpack, but seems to have a TMNT sword rack, complete with sword, dagger and scabbard.

The weapons has to be "cut" from the frame, which really leaves it as a redundant piece of plastic despite the nicely sculpted details on the corner.  It's a pity Mattel couldn't have made it appear more like a weapons rack instead.

The figure is good, with a rather nicely sculpted torso that has layers and layers of clothes.  The headsculpt is the same as that of Air Attack, but is painted to match the outfit.  The paints on the body are good, but it's rather plain below the belt as it's all black.  There's no action feature though, which is a pity.  Edit: He has a twist-waist action feature which is nifty.  After the awesomeness of the flying-Webstor Air Attack Pan, this one is just a figure with a sword and a dagger.  Feh.  What an anticlimax!


  1. I really enjoyed the movie when I was younger, but had no idea they made an action figure line!

  2. I knew of these, but never got them as a kid. My loss though, they are such great figures.

  3. I loved "Hook," but only had a few of the toys, including the green Pan you reviewed.

  4. Oooh, nice. Did you also have the Hook figure?

  5. Sure did! I had "Multi-Blade" hook. I also had Pan's sword and the Tri-hook accessory, which I loved! Don't have any of that stuff anymore, though.

  6. Oh? What happened to it/them?

  7. Those went out with one of Mom's yearly purges. Every year before Christmas, my brother and I had to go through all our old toys and make room for new toys.

  8. Oh, that must suck. How did you manage to decide what would be purged?

  9. Swashbuckling Pan did have a feature. A spring loaded torso like Heman.

  10. Ah, I forgot about that. Thanks.


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