Friday, 12 August 2011

#588 of Year 2 Iron Man movie Iron Man

This is a bit overdue... by a week I think.  Anyways, I had this scheduled for Iron Man week, and this is the first proper Iron Man of the week.  It's from the first movie line and it looks great.

The packaging is amazing, with a non-standard bubble and cardboard everywhere inside it.  The images on the front and the back looks great and it's a very attractive packaging.  The back of the box has a nice picture of the toy, his bio, his action features and three other figures in the line... and the whole is arranged in a linear way yet looks non-linear thanks to the design.

The inside of the cardboard title card is also vividly printed.  Now, Hasbro didn't have to do anything on the inside, but the fact that they printed both the front and the back of the title card shows that they care.  The front of the cardback has a picture of Iron Man and the log, and what looks like a huge white spot is actually the image from Iron Man's chest!

The figure comes with a hand mounted gun launcher and two detachable shoulder pads.  I say detachable because they actually fell off when I was removing him from the tray.  Those shoulderpad things are really loose - they come off at the slightest touch.  Also, the quality control on the gun was a bit defective.  There's no spring inside it and the entire action feature does not work.  Nevermind that the gun is sculpted nicely and the missile also has some nice sculptwork to it and is made from a nice translucent plastic.  The whole thing doesn't work for my figure.

The joints were tight... too tight to the point where they won't move at all.  Forcing them to move only caused the head to fly off.  I was a bit worried that I might break it so I handled it with kid gloves.  He does have double jointed knees and elbows which seems a bit overkill... particularly when they seem stuck together.  The paintwork is sloppy and there is lots of paint spills on the sides and back.

I really wanted to like this figure.  I thought he looked great.  But he's a dud.  Bad QA, and joints that are too tight to the point where they lock in place means this is more a statue than an action figure.

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