Wednesday, 24 August 2011

#601 of Year 2 Ghostbusters Slime Blower Winston

I'm just gonna open Winston today, just to complete my four Ghostbuster.  When the line was announced, I wasn't going to get any of them.  Then Ray came along with the gitd ghost and I got him, and along the line, I got Egon and Peter.  So since all that I had left was Winston, I got the Slimeblower version of him as well.

The packaging is the standard Ghostbuser packaging... which means it's tood ark for my taste.  These figures are never gonna stand out in the stores... and it's a good thing that these are only sold online.  The back of the card has Winston's rather young looking mug staring out from the photo, but everything else is as expected.

I still like the Stay Puff being zapped by the beams that they used for the front of the cardback.  It's a pity that it's also too dark though.

Winston comes with... I have no idea what that is.  A meter of some sort?  It does have four points of articulation though which makes it an interesting accessory.  The top part twists around the stand and the three sticks up top are connected by balljoints to the top of the accessory.  It's nice.  But I have no idea what it is supposed to do.  Nor do I really want to know.

Winston is also nicely sculpted and the tank is attached to his back permanently.  So are most of the cables going between the tank and the guns.

The body sculpt is the standard Ghostbuster body, but the padded jacket is new to me.  I like that look.

He's tall too... and made even tall thanks to the tank on his back.

Yup, this looks good!  I finally have all 4 Ghostbuster.  Now I don't have to bother buying anything from the line again... unless they include more gitd accessories...


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