Friday, 27 May 2011

#511 of Year 2 Ben 10 Chromastone (transparent)

It's another day, yet it's still Bandai week of Manufacturer's May here on Toy a Day, and I'm featuring Ben 10 toys from Bandai.  Today I'm opening Chromastone.  Wait, didn't I open that yesterday?  Well, yes and no.  This is from the second series of Ben 10 Alien Force toys - it's the transparent version.  I took a picture of the two toys unopened yesterday just to show the differences between the packaging.

The series 2 packaging is shorter and wider and the bubble is designed slightly differently.  Also different is that the title card now has the name of the character  in a smaller font and it's white on green making it harder to read.  Still, when Ben's picture is splashed on the front, I guess it doesn't really matter what's the name of the character.

The contents of the package is similar to yesterday's - a card, a Omnitrix plugin and the figure.  The figure is a recolour, but the card has a brand new image and the plug-in is completely different from the one from yesterday.

The figure is moulded from transparent plastic, but other than that, it's the exact same figure as the non-transparent one.  Which means it still has the eight points of articulation and a head that stares downwards.

The transparent hands seems a bit odd here, but they did great work mounding the hands and arms from two different coloured plastics.

This version of the figure looks a lot more ghostly than the painted version.  And the Omnitrix accessory for today's figure, like the transparent Jet Ray accessory only shows half the figure instead of a figure standing on the watch top.

I like the transparent plastics, I'm not sure I like it here though, although the idea for the character is great.  Ah well, I can always hide him at the back of the display.

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