Monday, 30 May 2011

#514 of Year 2 Transformers Animated Thundercracker Activators

It's the last two days of Manufacturer's May and I thought I'd just finish off with Hasbro/TakaraTomy for the month.  We start the week with Thundercracker, or rather the Japanese Activators version of the Seeker.

The Japanese Activators card is similar to the normal larger sized card at least on the front.  The back has a montage of imags instead of the usual three part layout.

The jet mode looks like Thundercracker, with the reverse delta wings and the leg thrusters aft.  The paintwork is crisp and the decepticon logo is splashed on both wings just in case.  The blue used is less navy and more cobalt, which gives it that nice colourful hue.

This is an activators, press the button just behind the cockpit and he transforms automatically.  Well, almost.  The hands still have to be flipped downwards manually and the feet and ankles extended manually too.  The robot looks like a nice miniature version of Starscream in this mode and is realistic to the cartoon to boot.  He has the usual points of articulations at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.  The neck articulation though is limited by the transformation which means he can only look up or down or straight ahead.

This is an activators, which means he's tiny.  He's way out of scale when placed next to the Throttlebots in the same class and is barely half the height of the "real" Starscream in the Animated line.  Still, he's great fun, and I've him as my dwarf clone in my universe.

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