Sunday, 1 May 2011

#485 of Year 2 MotUC Panthor

I like symmetry.  Some would call it balance, but in my MotU-niverse, there's a good guy for every bad guy... usually.  Panthor was originally just a repainted Battle Cat, but he brings the symmetry to the line.  Now the original Panthor was flocked, this one isn't.  Will it matter?

Panthor comes in a similar box to Battle Cat.  That makes sense since he's basically a repaint of Battle Cat with the same saddle but with a new helmet.  The back of the box has his bio, a picture of the cat as well as eight Evil Warriors.  It's a pity they couldn't have chosen the same vehicles and characters that were found on the vintage Panthor box, but some of those, especially the vehicles, are not available in Classics yet.

Panthor comes with his saddle and helmet.  Now, his saddle seems to be a bit too long, but it really just needed some adjustment to make it "fit properly".  The hemlet is all new, and isnt' really based off anything except Skeletor's Havoc staff... and I have to say I do like it - it makes Panthor a lot different than just a Battle Cat repaint.

But Panthor is a Battle Cat repaint, and as such he's super-articulated and suffers from the same design flaws as Battle Cat.  I have no idea why they designed hte stirrups on the saddle, because, well, it's almost impossible to put Skeletor's legs there.  I also dont' really like how the figure "sits" on the cats, especially since the Classic figures aren't bow legged anymore, so they seem to sit rather unnaturally on the saddle.

Still, Panthor is a nice addition to my collection, as he provides the symmetry to Battle Cat.  Now, if I can only get a Megator...


  1. Panthor belongs in Las Vegas with that helmet. He's a showgirl now! lol

  2. I dunno. I thought it is a nice nod to the conan roots of MotU.


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