Sunday, 1 May 2011

I've been working on the railroad...

I get bitten by the building bug sometimes... and recently, it has been the railroad bug.  OK, so since this year marks the 30th anniversay of my Lego "habit" (I've gotten at least one Lego set every year for the past 30 years!), I thought I should dig out my trains and just do a layout...

And that's all my Train sets.  Not a lot of them really - I do have a couple of blue rail sets, but since they aren't compatible, I didn't bother pulling them out.  Look out for more pictures in the coming days as I show off my build.

Those are my rails - notice the old school "grey" rails with the metal conductors on top (for the 9V trains) and the new school bluish-grey (or "bley") rails which is the colour that Lego is currently producing for "grey".


  1. I realize all these are compatible but sometimes I wish Lego would just pick a train track format and stick with it. It gets really frustrating when they keep changing it up! I'm looking forward to seeing the layout!

  2. The video of the layout (which keeps changing because it's Lego, and because I'm opening up new sets) is on my facebook page. There's a facebook link on the right where you can go watch the videos.


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