Friday, 13 May 2011

#497 of Year 2 Ghostbuster Peter Venkman

It's day 5 of Mattel Week of what I'm probably gonna call Manufacturers May.  Hah!  And I'm continuing today with another Ghostbuster, the most requested for, Dr. Peter Venkman himself.

Peter's card is similar to Egon's and Ray's, which means it's still too dark for my taste.  The bubble does seem oversized, but that does allow for the image of Stay Puff on the front of the cardback to be completely enclosed by the bubble.  The profile arrangement of Peter in the bubble is also a bit weird, particularly as the proton stream cannot be connected to the gun.

The cardback has the usual bio, with a picture of Venkman, and the figure does come in a white mailer box, for the five or so people who collect this line MOC.

The bubble contains Peter (complete with attached and unremovable backpack and gun), a stand, and a two piece proton stream.  The bubble also contains the flyer for the 25th anniversary blu ray DVD, which has an advert on the back for the Ghostbuster video game.

The body reuses the same sculpt as Ray from the neck down, with the exception of the name tag on the breast which reads Venkman here.  The headsculpt does look like Peter, but it seems to have a rather plastic/cartoony look to him.

The stand is of the Ghostbuster logo, and was only included for Peter, which is a bit odd.  the two part proton stream is made from translucent plastic - each piece consisting of two different pieces - one orangey-red, the other blue, and both glued together.  It took me a while to figure out how to snap these two together, but once that was done, it was easy to connect it to the gun.

The proton stream does cause some balance issues for the figure - they tend to topple forward, even when standing on the stand.  Now, I never meant to actually buy any of these figures, but since I've already got three of the main four, I might as well get Winston next to complete the "set".

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