Thursday, 5 May 2011

#489 of Year 2 Lego Minifigures 8803 Space Alien

The lady at my local toy store asked me yesterday if I've seen the Minifigures Series 3... and I did a double take.  What?  We have those here?  Apparently we do, so I got a couple... now I wanted the Elf Warrior and the Cyborg from the series, but when I was picking out dots, I got the Alien instead.  Urgh.

I don't need a second alien.  My one and only Lego minifigure which I got in the UK was an Alien.  Urgh.  Oh well.  I've already written about him earlier in the year, so I think I'll pass this time around.

And for something totally unrelated; I just found out that the next modular building set from Lego will be the one below.  Coolness!


  1. I think the Elf is the hardest to pick out. I thought I had picked out three elves, one turned out to be the gorilla and another was the cyborg. Amazingly I actually did end up with one elf though. I can't wait for that Pet Store!!!!

  2. I'm using the dots. I don't think there are any elves in my store. Sadly.

    And the pet store will probably retail for $199 or something. Those sets are always pricey.

  3. Yeah, I used the dots too; stupid hard to see dots. Are you near a Lego Store? If so you should be able to grab it for $150

  4. The closest Lego store is an entire continent away... or the pacific ocean. That will probably change when the new Legoland opens next year...


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