Monday, 2 May 2011

#486 of Year 2 Lego City 7936 Level Crossing

I only have four unopened Lego Train sets that aren't sets of just the rails/tracks, and this is one of them.  I must say I've been anticipating these sets since I first saw them back in December, so I can't wait to open them.

The box has all the usual Lego City elements - blue border, fake skyline in the background on the front with a picture of the actual toy taking front and centre.  There's also an inset showing the number of straight tracks in the set - a plus for me since I'm way way short of straight tracks.  The back of the box shows off the action features, as well as the ease of construction with the numbered baggies.

The contents are pretty standard.  There are the two baggies, a stack of 4 straight rails, the instructions booklet and a decal sheet.

Baggie number 1 builds the main item in the set, the backhoe, or the rail-lifter.  It's interesting that Lego included pieces to convert the back-hoe into a crane set for the vehicle.

The build wasn't too difficult, and the vehicle is designed with two set of wheels - a set of rubber wheels for normal roads and another set of wheels to go on the tracks.  The vehicle has four points of articulation - two on the crane and another on the rail wheels so that they could be raised or lowered.  What is sorely missing are doors for the cab, but that's a minor point.

Baggie number two builds everything else, which is mainly the ramp, but also the related barriers and lights.  There isn't a lot here, but the huge roof pieces for the rail crossing does take up a lot of space.

The build was even simpler than usual as there isn't much to build.  The barriers and lights were simple adn could have been designed better.

Overall, this is a nice little set, but I was more stoked about it than I should have been.  The straight rails are a boon to my layout, and the road-crossing is just fine, but until I actually do build with a city layout (and I'd need a lot more space than I have now), I doubt I'll use it much.

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