Thursday, 26 May 2011

#510 of Year 2 Ben 10 Chromastone

It's still Bandai week featuring Ben 10, all part of Manufacturer's week here on Toy a Day.  Now, Ben 10 clocks up the most hits on my blog - don't ask me why, but there seems to be a dearth of good infomation about the toys out there.  Someone should really create a fan site.

This is the old card, which is longer and has less characters on the back.  The price sticker on the back shows an astronomical amount... and that's because I got this in Jakarta.

He has the usual trading card, and the clear Omnitrix plug-in, in addition to the regular figure.  There are no other accessories.

The figure has a surprising eight points of articulation.  That's a lot for a Ben 10 figure.  The spikes and hands are made from clear pink plastic - actually the whole lower arm is of that plastic, but it has been painted to match the rest of the body.

I don't like how the head sculpt is always "looking down" and the lack of an articulation point there makes it sucky too.  The paint around the face is good, but since it's always looking to the ground, it's not readily visible when the figure is viewed at face on.  He is an important character though and the main purple body sure makes it stand out when placed with the rest of the Ben 10 peers.

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