Wednesday, 4 May 2011

#488 of Year 2 Lego 7937 City Train Station

I'm still working on the railroad... and I'll be working on and off on it for the rest of the year.  But since I'm in the mood, here's a set from last year which I got when I was in the same city as President Barak Obama (not by choice!).

The box is the usual City box, but note that the track count have been moved from being below the picture of the model to being on the blue bar to the left.  The back of the box has the usual stuff - action features, other sets, yadda yadda.  Nothing special here.

What I found interesting was that the huge minifig in the top right kinda reminds me of Dave Towells.  The top of the box has pictures of the minifigs, including one that's shown to scale.  What's interesting however, is that the lampposts from the set continues around to the top.  that's a neat trick there.

There's quite a lot in the box - two instruction booklets, four baggies, a sheet of decals and a set of four straight tracks.  Yay, straight tracks!  As an aside, I went to my toy store to ask when they'll have straight tracks available, and got the answer that it'll be available next week.  Double yay.

The two instruction booklets are numbered, with the first being for the taxi and the second for the station itself.  I have no idea why, but this set does remind me of Liverpool Lime Street...

The first baggie seems to have quite a bit of bricks inside... and two minifigs.  One is presumably the taxi driver and the other a businesswoman passenger?

The build was easy peasy.  Before I knew it, the taxi was done.  What got me was the decals though - I'm not sure I like applying them these days, particularly symmetrical ones as I do really suck at them.  The taxi itself is a rather weird vehicle.  My only major complaint is that it does not have working doors.  It does have a passenger seat and an area in the back where two suitcases would fit.

Baggie number 2 is for the station shop.  It has a train conductor and a bearded guy with backpack.  It's weird how the face (sans the hair, with the stud on top) reminds me of Dave Towells again!  Who's Dave Towells?  He's a guy who has a Lego "Police city".

The build was even easier than the taxi.  There's a couple of decals that needs to be applied here.  Thankfully, neither of them are symmetrical.  I do like the design of the sliding door for the building, but I'm not sure about the square flower boxes or the choice of colours for the flowers.  Really, red and white flowers on a red and white building?  They don't even stand out at all.  Yellow flowers would have been good.  Pink and blue would have been great.

Baggie number three builds half of the station.  There's nothing spectacular about this half of the station, but I do like the white beams and cross-braces part that's used to build up the tower.

Baggie number 4 builds the other half of the station.  It does have a few interesting features including a nice red pay phone!

Overall, this is a nice little set.  It's a bit too short to accomodate a passenger train, but nevertheless, it work, and fits in well with the train layout I have going.

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