Sunday, 15 May 2011

May 2011 Matty Release day

It's still Mattel week here on Manufacturers' May, and while it's still Mattel week, lemme just very quickly talk about Matty's release day this month which is on Monday the 16th because the 15th is on a Sunday.

Catra is the main release for this month and she's also the club figure.  She's a PoP figure, but she's also a Horde figure, so who knows where she'll fall in terms of fan demand.  I'm going for the fact that since she's a club figure anyways, and there isn't much demand for her alternate forms, she'll take at least 2 hours to sell out and may last up to 6 hours.  That's unless Jim Tallstar decides to snap all of them up to create a shrine to her or something.

She-Ra is the first re-issue this month.  Mattel probably put her here in the hopes that she'll sell better with Catra.  This is the leftover stock of her and less so a re-issue.  She'll probably not sell out too fast since Mattel has already announced that a second version of her will be made available later this year.  That version will have a mask without a hole in the head.  This version will be the only version with the cartoon head or something, and it'll be the last chance to get her.  I suspect she'll last about a day or so on the site.

Stratos is the second rerelease of the month.  I have no idea if this is the leftover stock from the first reissue of the figure or not.  Stratos was one of the first figures and thus does not have any accessories.  The wings are glued to his arms, which is a pity as it does not allow for the feathers to be posed according to the wishes of the posers.  He's still a good figure, and could be used to army build.  I suspect he'll last longer than She-Ra on sale though, perhaps a couple of days.

Whiplash is the final reissue/rerelease for the month, and unlike the previous two, this is the first time that he's being reissued.  Whiplash includes heads to transform him from his vintage counterpart to his MYP counterpart, and two different weapons.  Whiplash can also be used to custom make the ruler of the Caligars (who we might get a figure of in the future).  I think he'll be the fastest selling of the rereleases, perhaps just over half a day or so.

 One of the few things that Mattel has done correctly is to make sure that the Grayskull stands are available every month when the figure goes on sale.  The stand has been available continuously on the site now for almost half a year and that is a good sign that Mattel has been listening to customers.  Hopefully we will be getting a Snake Mountain version of the stands soon-ish, but for the meantime, I'm gonna pick up one of these every time I go on to the site on a release day to buy figures just to show support for the stands.

Of course, the main things on sale tomorrow aren't actually MotUC but DCUC.  For the first time ever, Mattel is making available individual figures (instead of a complete Series) for sale.  The wave does have some rather little known characters, with Carol Fenris probably being the most famous, and of course, the legion contemporary Sodam Yat who will be what I'm after.  There are also a few other non-DCUC Lantern related figures on sale as well tomorrow.

It's a nice bag of characters going on sale tomorrow.  I'll be there mainly to get the DCUC figures so I'm not going in on the dot to fight with everyone else for Catra (or She-Ra or Whiplash).  If you're going in to the trenches, I hope you don't meet up with the WSOD, and that you get an easy CAPTCHA when you pay.  Have fun.

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