Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lego 3677 City Cargo Train

I do apologize if you're not a Lego fan or a Train fan. I was hunting around the "interwebs" when I found details of an unreleased Lego set... well, it has a release date of August 2011 apparently... Here's a picture from the Quebec Lego Users Group (QueLUG).

Cargo Train 3677 by QuéLUG
Cargo Train 3677, a photo by QuéLUG on Flickr.
The blue and white and grey train in the background is the Maersk train, which was just recently released.  This new unreleased train has a set number in the "exclusive" range, and it could be a TRU exclusive.  I like the green wagon which has more green barrels inside (or so it appears).  I do hope my local toystore will carry this set...

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