Friday, 6 May 2011

#490 of Year 2 Lego Minifigures 8803 Samurai Warrior

Yesterday was a bust.  I got the Alien (again!) when I meant to get the Cyborg.  I also bought what I thought was the Samurai... will that be a bust too?

That's the packaging with all the figures on the front and the dots on the back.  Now, the cheat sheat says this is a samurai... will I get a samurai?

Yes, score!  Out of the 12 possible figures (of which I wanted 3), I finally got one of them!

He's just s samurai, with a katana.  Nothing much to write about him, but he'll fit in with Ninjago (which I've decided is way too pricey for me) or my Castle Ninjas.  Or he could battle Stormtroopers on Tatooine.  That's the beauty of Lego.

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