Monday, 9 May 2011

#493 of Year 2 DCUC Superman vs MotUC He-Man

TRUE - Toys R Us Exclusives are sometimes rather hard to find.  Particularly when they are of little known toy lines.. like MotUC.  Then again, sometimes waiting a year or so does have its benefits - getting these for almost half their original recommended price is a good bargain (Thanks FakeEyes22!)

The box features the mashed together bubbles of Superman and He-Man.  The centre of the mash-up has the vs sticker as well as a picture of the comic inside.  The back has the bio of both characters.

The sides of the bubble has a picture of He-Man and Superman, although I have to say it's a bit weird that they are using Battle Armor's He-Man's picture here.

The front of the cardback has a picture of Skeletor atop a rocky promitory in front of Castle Grayskull.  Hidden inside the pocket is the DC comic.

This is a reprint, and it's slightly thinner than a normal comicbook because all the advert pages have been removed.  Quite a few other things have been removed from the comic, including the date it was published.  It also seems to have been recoloured, so there's no pixellation as is common during the 80s.

The big bubble contains Superman (which is the same as the normal DCUC Superman) and He-Man with axe and shield (but no power sword).  He-Man also has been repainted to match the colours as shown in the attached comic.  In fact, the front of the cardback can be used together with the figures to recreate the cover of the included comic.

The DCUC Superman is ... OK, I guess.  He has the standard DCUC body, with a non-removable cape.  The headsculpt is good and the paints does bring out the fact that this is superman.  The tampographed logos on his chest and cape is also clear.  He has the usual DCUC points of articulation - three points on each leg, four on each arm, waist, abcrunch and neck.

He seems slightly skinny when compared with figures such as Green Lantern, or even Darkseid.

The He-Man is the exact same figure as the normal He-Man, the only exception being his paint work.  The hair has dark streaks, the harness is lighter, his belt is painted pink and the boots and furry pants are painted in a more orangey shade of brown.  Otherwise he's the same figure.  The axe is the same as most other He-Man axes, but the shield has been painted without the red, but with black studs, which does set it apart.

Overall, I like the He-Man and since this is my first DCUC Superman, it's all good for me.

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