Tuesday, 17 May 2011

#501a of Year 2 Robocop Ultra Police Anne Lewis

Anne Lewis was one of those figures I had carded, but while in storage, the glue on the bubble came off so she's not fully carded anymore.  As such I don't think it'd be fair to count her as one of the toys I'm opening.  Still, since this is Robocop week, here she is!

She comes with a crossbow and a helmet and two rolls of caps.  The caps fit onto the launcher that's built into her backpack, just like Dr. McNamara.  She's got a vac metal breastplate and the usual five points of articulation.  Her paintwork (at least on my copy) is better, but her head sculpt looks awful.

I would have no idea that she was supposed to be female just looking at the toy.  Her face sculpt is generic asexual and her body looks very musculine to me, what with the huge shoulders and the narrow waist.  The figure is still a rather good toy, and I do like the helmet.  I guess I just have to pretend that she's a guy.

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