Saturday, 14 May 2011

#498 of Year 2 Battle Force 5 Reverb

I'm gonna close of Mattel week with something that's old school yet new.  Hotwheels has been a Mattel property for yonks, but within that brand, there are sub-brands... including the vehicles for Battle Force 5.

I think this is based off some animated series.  I haven't watched it so I've no idea what it's about.  The card is slightly unusual in that it has a bubble for a vehicle, but that should be the norm for a hotwheel vehicle.  The Hotwheel logo is splashed up in the top left, above the BF5 logo on both the front and the back.  The back has a rather nice design with the bio for the character, some info about the team, pictures showing the action features and the cross sell right below it.

I do like the fact that there is a partial Hotwheels logo hidden behind the starburst on the front of the cardback.  The title card is nice too and that's where the legal stuff is printed - it's wordy, but it does not clutter up the back of the card - a very good move.

When opened, there's the car, two missiles and a figure.  Now the figure stands about 2 inches tall, yet despite the size, has five points of articulation.  The sculpt looks good and has quite a lot of details.  The paintwork is great for the scale, and the face and hair is even painted so that the figure resembles the cartoon character.

The vehicle is a nice purple and black vehicle.  When the flaps on the hood are flipped up, the guns pop out of the hood.  Now, my initial thought would be that these would be horrible to get them to click back into place, but Hotwheels apparently has developed some sort of latch mechanism so that they actually do sit rather well in the hood when pushed back into the cavity.  They don't pop out during play, and will only pop out when the hood is opened.

It took me a while to figure out where was the other flap opening, but I finally found it.  The top of the cab opens to reveal the driver's seat, which has a clip built into it.  It holds the figure perfectly and I think this scores points with me.

Overall, this vehicle does remind me quite a lot of MASK and less so of Hotwheel's Keyforce.  I guess there's a new line that I'd be collecting...

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