Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spy Monkey Creations The Dark Arsenal of the Space Pirate

I got this the other day.., yes, this is another one of my online purchases. I've gotta stop buying so much toys online, my credit card is hurting!

It's a small ziplock bag packed in a huge cardboard package. I know there are smaller boxes out there, so I'm a bit puzzled as to why SMC used such a big box instead.

There's only five pieces in the ziplock bag - the bow, the sword, the fly swatter, a handle and a gun. All of them are made from black plastic, with little paint, but quite a lot of details, which really doesn't show up because these are black!

My favourite of the lot is the bow. It attaches to Trap Jaw perfectly and looks as if it's an extension of Trap Jaw's arm. The bow does have some paint work, but not a lot. It doesn't really ned the paint to stand out though.

I like the smoothness of the sword and the wackiness of the flyswatter too, but both of them seems rather bland when compared to the bow, IMO. The attachments can be attached to the handle and the gun so that Trap Jaw could hold them (as Kronis, perhaps?) and that's a good idea, but not why I got these in the first place.

This is pricey at $15 for five pieces, but they could be picked up easily at Spy Monkey Creation's website.


  1. These are my 2nd favourite SMC creations, after Poes sword.

  2. I hope you have got your sword. I think mine is sitting in the post office.

  3. yep, got it a few days ago... thanks again , it is a really nice piece.

  4. Ah, OK, glad you like it. I've yet to post the results of that contest... maybe soonish.

  5. I bought one of these sets! I really love it. Some of the pieces fit a little looser than the others, but that bow is wicked cool! I really like all the pieces though. :D Also available in silver for Mr. Roboto. ;)

  6. I'm not that keen on the silver, but I'm sure there are people who like it. And looser fits? I haven't noticed it yet, but I guess that's a bit inevitable.


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