Monday, 25 July 2011

#570 of Year 2 MotUC Catra - with extra custom paint work!

I opened Catra last month and wrote about both her versions.  I wasn't really happy with her overall looks though, which is why I got a spare Catra to open so that I could do this:

Yup, cartoon colours Catra, meet toy coloured Catra.

At first glance, cartoon Catra doesn't seem much changed from the basic figure.  However, I wasn't happy with the original representation because the cartoon showed her with blue hair. So it was a quick paintjob on her hair to get it blue.  OK, so it might need a second paint and I need to do a bit more touch up painting, but I think she looks a lot better with blue hair than the black hair.

The toy though had silver boots and gloves, a pink top and a black furry skirt.  And rooted hair.  Well, this is the Classics line and if she was put through the "Classics" machine, I think she would come out this way.  I left the Horde logo on her chest, but repainted her costume to the main toy colours.

I have to say, this version looks a lot better with the original black hair that she came with.  And now I'm happy.  I've got two different versions of Catra.  They could be different characters if I want them to be - after all, they do look vastly different.  Well, as different as they can be while sharing the exact body and head.  This is, after all, a line of reused parts and repaints!


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