Saturday, 30 July 2011

#575 of Year 2 DCUC vs MotUC Hawkman vs Stratos

It's the final days of DCUC 2011 month here on Toy a Day and I'm closing with two DCUC vs MotUC 2-packs.  Today it's the Battle in the Skies pack - Hawkman vs Stratos.

The packaging bubble is the mash-up of both the respective packaging bubbles of the respective line.  It's modified on the DCUC side with the arrow leading to the exclusive poster in the middle and the VS starburst right in between.  The bios on the back are the same as the bios on the individual characters, but apparently Mattel had to use artwork supplied by DC for this.  It isn't too bad.

The front of the cardback features a skyscape, and hidden within it is the poster.  It's boring, and it's not a comic book, and I get the feeling of "that's it"? from this.

Hawkman comes with his mace.  Now, this is my first DCUC Hawkman, and I'm awed by the wings on the back.  It features four extra points and is posable folded and spread.  Hawkman's length from wingtip to wingtip could potentially be almost a feet if articulated to its fullest.  The headsculpt is good, and the paintwork is nice, but I think I'm all awed by the wings more than anything.  He's definitely going into the DCUC display.

Stratos is just a blue-winged "repaint" of the regular red-wing version.  He does not have any accessories like his red-wing counterpart, and the only differences between the two versions are the backpack and the wings.  Mattel did, however, listen to fan demand and the wings are clipped into place, but not glued, so that they are posable with the arms.  That alone is worth the price of getting this Stratos in my book.  Now I just have to figure out which shelf to display him.

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