Monday, 11 July 2011

#556 of Year 2 DCUC Kyle Rayner

It's a new week, but it's still DCUC month here on Toy a Day.  Let's continue with another DCUC-themed week, this week being Wave 1 of the Green Lantern Classics.

Wave 1 starts with Kyle or Ion or whatever he's called these days.  He comes on the standard GLC card, which is larger than the Wave 11 card, but is exactly the same size as the recent DCUC stuff.  Of course, it's mostly green.  I do like the Corps logo on the front, and the larger font for his name.  The back is also cleaneer with the bio and stats nicely arranged next to a large picture of the figure.  The Collect n Connect figure and the parts he comes with are shown right below this.

The front of the cardback has the usual DCUC starburst, but instead of comics of the characters, it has brand new artwork of the Corps flying out from the starburst.  The package also contains a green mask with red and and blue cellophane (aka old-style 3D glasses) that is supposedly used at some website.  But I didn't bother with them.

Kyle comes with his lantern and a ring construct of a huge sword.  It makes me wonder if he's overcompensating for something.  The ring construct is actually formed from two pieces, the sword and fist.  However, I think they are glued together as I can't seem to pry them apart.  The lantern is sculpted nicely and is made from green plastic, so as to not require extra paint.  Oh and there Arkillo's leg in the package as well.

The figure himself has the standard DCUC buck.  His paintwork is OK, but that's probably because it's simple.  He does have the ring on his fist and his traditional mask on his face.  There's nothing really special about him and he does look rather boring.  Still, he does add to the ranks of my GL Corps.  The ranks are still pretty thin though... who else can I get to boost up their ranks?  Lemme know in the comments below.


  1. i've passedon him a couple times & i shouldn't again- he's cool

  2. Yeah, now I want a Sodam Yat and a GL Mon-el.


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