Tuesday, 26 July 2011

#160 of 365 DCUC Deathstroke - repost

It's DCUC month this year, but I thought I'd repost some old DCUC figures that I did last year and this week, it's Wave 3.  Here's the scary Deathstroke.

We're continuing with Wave 3 this week, and it's figure 2 - Deathstroke!

Deathstroke has an interesting history.  He's mainly a Robin villian - well, the Robin now known as Nightwing that is, and is associated with Robin's team, the Team Titans as their main villian, as well as the father of two of their members (I think, I've lost track of who's a member these days).  He's got no superpowers, but like the "Batman family" his martial art skills and his skills with weapons makes him deadly.

There are two versions of this character, a masked version and an unmasked version.  I have no idea which is more rare, I think they were produced 50:50.  They each have a different pose in the bubble, which showcases his various weapons - and different weapons are showcased in the bubble despite the fact that both versions come with the same weapons.

The title card has his visage, or... what do you call the 2 eyes part of a face?  A visor?  No, that the mask thing that only covers ones eyes.  Hmm... anyways, despite the fact that the unmasked version has no masked, only the masked image is shown on the title card for both.  The side of the card also has the infomation about the CnC piece that is hidden under the title card.

Deathstroke comes with well, a lot of parts in addition to Grundy's left arm.  A sword, a quarterstaff, a machine gun, a pistol and a round of clips = 5 accessories for Deathstorke to use.  Let's see, that's 5 more than Etrigan and 3 more than Batman from the first wave and 4 more than Sinestro from the same wave.  There's nothing to write home about these accessories, they're rather bland by today's standards, although they look great.  The plastic on the quarterstaff is a bit soft so it's a bit bent.

The figure is great - the joints are tight, the paint is superb.  His torso and upper arms have the chainmail texture sculpted on, which makes it interesting.  The head sculpt is simple for the masked version, and the flying ribbons look a bit staction-esk to me.  Oh and his 60s era boots just make me laugh.

Deathstroke reminds me of Tornado from Wave 1, from the masked head down to the folded boots.  Despite the better paintwok on Deathstroke, the black doesn't really make him "pop" out of the background.  Don't get me wrong, I like Deathstroke, with his Man-E-Weapons, but he's going back into the box for me.

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