Saturday, 9 July 2011

#554 of Year 2 DCUC Steppenwolf

I'm not a New God fan, so I have no idea who is Steppenwolf.  I didn't plan on getting him, but since both versions of his character more or less came free when I bought the entire wave anyways, I thought, hey, why not?  If you haven't been keeping track, it's DCUC month this July 2011 and it's Wave 11 week!

Steppenwolf comes on the standard DCUC Wave 11 card and has a "First time in 6-inch" starburst on the card.  That makes me wonder if this is the first toy of the figure, but I absolutely have no idea..

He comes with a stand.  The axe might seem an accessory at first, and although it can be detached from his hands, it's connected by a flexible hose to his backpack and is thus unremovable.  Feh.  It's still very nicely sculpted though and the paintwork on it is good.  The hose is also somewhat rubbery and hopefully would not break easily on play.

The figure has the standard DCUC buck, but I love the extra details on the costume, including the hand guards on the gloves and the interesting loincloth design.  The face sculpt is good, but the paint is a bit cheaply applied, and makes him, or rather my version of him, look like a cheap knock-off, in my opinion and all.

Still, he's a rather nice figure, if a little bit obscure.  Although he will look great on the shelf, I think he's going back to the storage bin as I just do not have any nostalgia connection to the figure.


  1. He was first a figure featured in the Super Powers line back int he 80's.

  2. Ah, that would explain the starburst then. Thanks.


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