Wednesday, 20 July 2011

#565 of Year 2 DCUC G'Hu

It's day 3 of GL Wave 2 week, DCUC 2011 month here on Toy a Day.  Yes, it's a Wednesday and I'm opening what's supposedly a movie figure named G'Hu?  I think this is a throwaway figure at long time fans, but I'm not one of them.

He comes on the standard green Green Lantern wave card.  It's getting a tad boring by now.  The pose in the blister does show off some of the details of his amazing sculpt.

There's a starburst on the card stating that it's a "Sneak Peek Movie Figure!".  I still don't recall seeing him in the movie, but perhaps he only had a cameo.

G'Hu comes with Stel's other hand, but like most DCUC figures, does not have any accessories.  He does not have the standard DCUC sculpt though, and I think he's a completely new sculpt.  His legs are a pair of trident claws, and the knee articulation aren't bendy hinges, but are twisty hole and pegs instead.

The head sculpt is amazing with all sorts of scary exoskeleton-y details.  The paintwork on there has been carefully chosen to give it that insect sheen.  The forearms are a pair of appendages that looks like collars, but is really a pair of legs that look like a mantis' forearms.  The plus is that it is even articulated!

The braided plastic hair looks great and reminds me of a Predator character.  The hair is made from very rubbery plastic and doesn't really hinder the neck articulation.

He's a bit odd, but he does bring a lot of alienness into the otherwise humanoid GL Corps.  And my Corps display grows by another one.


  1. G'Hu is a relatively new GL character, if I'm not mistaken. He appeared in the scene were Sinestro led a squad of his "finest lanterns" against Parallax.

  2. Yup, he's a film only Lantern


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