Sunday, 10 July 2011

#555 of Year 2 DCUC Steppenwolf

It's the final day of Wave 11 week, DCUC month here on Toy a Day.  And I'll just complete the week with the final figure of the wave, the variant Steppenwolf.

The green version of Steppenwolf comes on what appears to be the red version of the figure's packaging.  The eyes above the name in the title card and the picture above the bio on the back of the card has the red version of Steppenwolf.  Even the picture in the hexagon shows the red version of the character.

The figure comes with a sword, a whip, a horn and a stand.  That's a lot of accessories for a DCUC figure.  Granted, the only part of the Collect and Connect figure is the stand - it's probably because of that he's able to get the extra accessories.  I like the horn, it's golden and small and looks nice... but it takes some getting used to posing it in his hands.  The sword is his most natural weapon - he even comes packaged with it, but it's more or less plain and boring despite the fact that they tried to differiente it by having the hook thing near the tip.  The whip is what I'd expect Catra's whip to be.  It's simple and made from hard plastic, but it also means it makes him look a bit more menacing when holding the whip.

The character itself has the standard DCUC body, although it's hard to tell with all the extras splashed on him.  his head sculpt is excellent, but the paintwork made me cringe a little.  The rubber "dress" that he wears over his torso is also magnificiently sculpted.  Again, the paintwork leaves me in the cold.

I have no idea how the same character can have such different looks, but hey, they are gods or some such.  I guess he can change his appearance if he wants to anytime...


  1. Oooo- I like the variant! He has a "Jack Kirby" face. Nice Christmas pic :D

  2. I thought he looks like a christmas tree with the pointy hat and the colouful face...

  3. Yeah, I'm really loving that Christmas picture.

  4. well, I scored one on E-Bay- you made me do it. $13.49 (shipping included) :D

  5. That's not too bad a price. And reading toy blogs could be bad for your wallet :)


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