Monday, 4 July 2011

#549 of Year 2 DCUC Katma Tui

Yay, it's Monday.  The Deadman repost from yesterday should have given a clue what was going up this week.  Yes, Wave 11 of DCUC.  I to-ed and fro-ed about getting/not getting Wave 11.  I never saw these in the stores anyways, so I had to resort to online stores for the Deadman (which was gitd).  Well, I finally bit the bullet and got all of the whole Wave last month.  And this is DCUC month here on Toy a Day!

Figure 1 in the Wave is one of the love interest of Hal Jordan - Katma Tui.  She comes on the same card as the rest of her wave, with a black and blue drawing of her eyes showing above her name on the title card.  When I saw how she was posed in the bubble, I was a bit anxious about how her limbs were going to be deformed.  The ugly Kilowog torso also protudes out of the title card and seems to cause a huge big mess at the bottom of the bubble.  The back of the card has the usual hexagon design for the Wave, her drawing and the bio and blurb - the standard stuff.

Tui comes with two accessories - a huge rarity in the DCUC line.  The shield and the sword is moulded from translucent green plastic and fits over her ring hand tightly.  The figure itself, thankfull, is not deformed by the pose in the bubble.  Mattel finally used harder plastic for their figures, I see.  She's got the usual points of articulations, though I find it a bit weird that they did not include wrist articulation.

The other thing I was surprised about was her GLC logo on her chest - she has the old version of the logo, which seems a bit odd, but I suppose that's how she's supposed to be.

She fits in well with the rest of the line, and I'm surprised that I did not find her to be aneroxic - she does seem somehow a bit more well proportioned than the other DCUC females that I've got.  Perhaps it's because of the paint.  She's also the start of the expansion of my DCUC GLC collection!

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