Friday, 29 July 2011

#574 of Year 2 MotUC Faceless One

After four days of repaints, I thought it might be a good day to move back to an actual figure for a change.  Faceless One was the June figure.  Wait, June?  It's almost August!  Yeah, well, there hasn't been a good time to open him and I guess this is the first opportunity I've had to open him since I got him.

The packaging is the standard MotUC card and bubble.  The back has the bio as usual, and an image that's from... actually I have no idea where.  He's packaged in the bubble with his Ramstone and Havoc staff proudly displayed.  And there's one thing that isn't shown in the picture - this figure is heavy, and he's probably more than double the weight of the Battleground Teela that came out at about the same time.

The heft of the figure comes from the heavy rubbery plastic cape and cowl that goes on the Faceless One.  The cape sets the figure apart from everything else.

He comes with two accessories - a green ramstone that fits into his grasping hand and a modified Havoc staff with a transparent magenta skull and horns to represent it from being powered up.  I like both, although I do wonder if they could have made the Ramstone more ... 3D instead of cookie-shaped.

Faceless One does have a face.  That's unfortunate, but he was a difficult concept to interpret as a toy anyways.  What I do like is his skirt plates besides the cape.  The colours are also inspired with the lavender and purple and navy/midnight/prussian blue.

He looks really great as a figure.  The downside?  We don't have his daughter in matching colours...


  1. Everything I receive from Matty arrives extremely late, so I just opened mine as well (I'm forced to use a re-mailing service since I'm at an APO location).

    The Ram Stone looks to be cartoon accurate. The profile picture is from the 200X cartoon as well.

    Did you have a problem with the cape being warped? Mine was so bad that using a hair dryer didn't do anything. I was forced to boil the cape and reshape it by hand.

  2. No problem with the cape here. And getting it though a remailing service is a pain! Matty should really ship to APO/FPO addresses.

  3. The person who packed the figure jammed the biceps into the shoulder pads, bending them inward. A few of the tails at the bottom of the cape were bent up as well.

    I usually don't complain (too much) about Matty's QC issues, but I think that one either slipped by or it must have been the end of the work day for someone.

  4. They don't realise that things may be fine and dandy if those figures are sent to the US and gets opened immediately. Figures that go overseas often have these issues rendered unreversible due to the long transit times and the transit conditions. Oh well, it happens. As Toyguru is keen to point out, Mattel is an American company (nevermind it has branches all over the world and sells product all over the world) and its product are catered mainly for Americans living in the US. Everyone else is "loud but not numerous" apparently.

  5. I bought FO basically because he was available when I ordered BG Teela, but I kind of regret it. He looks cool and all, but the cape armor hinders his arms and like you stated makes him very heavy. The weak ankles didn't help. I had to use the old rubberband trick to keep him from falling over.

    I may end up selling him off. I haven't decided, yet.

  6. I guess it depends on how much you like BG Lynn. If you do, then you might want to hold on to him until you can get his daughter.

  7. I may do just that. eBay is flooded with him and I would end up selling him at a MAJOR loss. I'll keep him around for now. BG Lyn does look pretty awesome!

  8. Blame the scaplers for flooding ebay...


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