Sunday, 24 July 2011

#569 of Year 2 DCUC Skallox

It's the final day of the week, and today I'm opening another 2-in-one figure from GL Wave 2.  It's the final day of GL Wave 2 week here on Toy a Day and it's part of DCUC 2011 month here.  And unlike Medphyll/Naut Kei Loi, I only have one of him, so this will have to do double duty.

The version I have is packaged as Skallox.  Despite this, it does show off the Nite-Lik head and accessories in the bubble.

Nite-Lik, of course, is named after Scott Neitlich of Mattel, and there's a starburst on the bubble to advertise that it has enough parts to form the alternate figure.  I do like the red lantern logo on the title card - it clashes with the green of the packaging and because of that, it stands out really well.

Skallox comes with Stel's leg and the Nite-Lik's parts.  Otherwise, he has no accessories.  He has the standard DCUC humanoid body, with two differences.

The first is the red lantern ring on his fist.  The fist only has 3 fingers though, so I'm not sure if it's a reused part or not.  The ring is painted well, and the sculpt is visible, but it does need a bit more paint where it meets the fingers.  The head is new and looks like a deskinned goat.  It has nice sculpted features and the paintwork is good, but it seems a bit boring, to be honest.

Converting him to Nite-Lik is an easy case of popping out the fists and head and putton on the harness, head and hands.  Unlike Low/Maash, the fits are solidly constructed for both figures, so there's no chance of breaking them when unplugging them from the wrists.

Nite-Lik looks amazine, and the sculpt has all sorts of goodness including lots of accurately painted splotches and such.  The harness is made of soft plastic and is a bit deformed from the packaging, but it does fit on the torso well and gives the figure a very different look from Skallox.  The head sculpt is scary and I can't fault the sculpting or the painting.  I guess it does pay to get a figure named after the brand manager.

Well, Skallox (or Nite-Lik) is my second Red Lantern, but two doesn't make a corps.  Atrocious, the leader of the Red Lanterns has just been announced in SDCC to be part of Wave 20.  I'm also hunting down a second red lantern body so that I can display both these figures.  OK, four still doesn't make a corps, but it's better than two!

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