Tuesday, 19 July 2011

#153 of 365 DC Universe Classics Batman - repost

It's DCUC month for 2011 and I thought I'll repost what I wrote for Wave 1 from last year.  Enjoy the Batman who's the first "big gun" in the line.

Yesterday, I opened up a disappointing Orion from DC Universe Classics.  Today I'm opening the second figure of the same Wave, Wave 1, Batman.  Welcome to Justice League June here on Toy a Day.

Batman comes on the same card as Orion yesterday, and it's mostly the same, except for the text and the bio.  Batman's pose in the bubble is adequate, and I like the way it shows him holding his batarang.

My favourite part of the Wave 1 packaging is the side of the title card where it shows not just which piece of the CnC he comes with, but also where it fits.  Again, the title card cleverly hides the CnC piece within the bubble.

Batman comes with quite a number of pieces.  Besides the 2 piecs to Metamorpho's arm, he has the aforementioned batarang, as well as a weird grappling hook gun contraption.  The grappling hook gun does not fire as it has no mechanism for firing.  There's a hole on the hook to be attached onto the gun, but that doesn't stay there for too long.  The batarang is smiall and nice and adequate.  It does have some details, but is lost in the black colour.

The figure itself is a nice grey batman with cape.  There are articulation almost everywhere and he's very posable.  The thing about batman is his weird T-crotch: this is covered up by the loincloth in MotUC, but is displayed for all to see here.  The construction of the T-croutch is weird on Batman as it has a hinged swivel instead of a ball socket.  Consequently, the whole arrangement is rather loose and Batman, at least my copy of him, has problems keeping his pose.

I have no idea why Batman should be a whole head taller than Orion as well.  It's weird.  It's almost as if they are from 2 different toy lines.  I'm not pleased with this Batman either.  Really, I've been disappointed with two of these DCUCs that I've opened, and I've only opened two so far.


  1. wanted one of these (long after they were released, of course), but now they're coming out with that Golden Age Legacy Bats with black shorts AND face mask... and Batgirl, of course- Hooray!

  2. He did sell out fast here. This was the only wave I saw complete in the shops here...


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