Tuesday, 12 July 2011

#172 of 365 Superman Returns Kryptonite Smash - Repost

This was originally posted by myself on IsItFun.net.  Well, that site is no more, but here's the review again, reposted of course, as part of DC month here on Toy a Day.

Mattel has had the DC license for quite some time now, and when Superman Returns movie aired, they produced this series of toys to tie-in to the movie.  However, this line was Superman heavy, action feature heavy and seemed to have peg-warmed in the stores.

The packaging isnt' at all innovative.  there's the logo and the Brandan Roach (or whatever his name is) Superman above the bubble, then the bubble itself and the title card.  Superman is packed in the bubble with a weird dynamic pose, although the green kryptonite is logically packed in the bubble's Superman pentagon shape.  The title card has a scene from the movie that seems to be a waste of space.

The back of the card is very wordy with only a small space showcasing the action feature and a small strip showing the other figures in the line.

Out of the package, Superman comes with 5 Kryptonite pieces and a stand.  The figure itself is iconic, but seems to have a pre-pose stance.  The head sculpt does the actor some justice, and there's a six pack on the figure as well as a nice set of bi-, tri- and quadri-ceps.  Superman also sports a rather large package - and since he doesn't need to wear a cup, well, one has to wonder what he's excited about.  The choice of the cloth cape is also questionable - it serves its purpose, but it makes the figure looks more like a girl's toy than an action figure.

The accessory steals the show though.  The base of the Kryptonite thing has a very nicely sculpted manhole cover with intricate details sculpted onto it and given a wash so that those details stand out.  The Kryptonite pieces are moulded from transparent green plastic, and literally crumbles away when touched.

This Superman is slightly larger than the JLU figures, and he looks weird standing next to his LSH teammates.  However, Superman is quite a bit smaller than the DCUC figures and barely reaches up to their shoulders.  He's small, but he does pack his red speedos.

This figure shows how bad it is, especially when compared with the DCUCs.  No wonder it peg-warmed in the stores.

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