Monday, 18 July 2011

#563 of Year 2 DCUC Sodam Yat

It's a brand new week here on Toy a Day's DCUC 2011 month, and I head into Green Lantern Wave 2 this week.  It's Monday, which means it's the first figure of the wave, the Daxamite that's known as Sodam Yat.

There's nothing different about the card or the bubble.  The only thing that's changed on the back is the CnC who happens to be Stel for this wave.  The packaging of Sodam in the bubble with his legs bent in that position makes me hope that it doesn't get deformed in the packaging.

Sodam comes with two of Stel's parts - his head and his groin.  He also comes with an interchangable fist that does not have the "Batman distress signal" projected from his GL ring.

The figure is the standard DCUC figure, and there isn't much to write about.  The paintwork is good.  The headsculpt seems a bit generic and there seems to be a sneer of some sort going on there.  The ring construct is permanently attached to one of the two interchangable fist, and is basically the GL Corps logo.  He's a boring figure overall.

It doesn't really matter that he's boring, because he's gonna be the "Corps" part of the GL Corps.  And that's one more figure added to the Corps.

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