Tuesday, 19 July 2011

#564 of Year 2 DCUC Star Sapphire

Tuesday!  DCUC 2011 month!  GL Wave 2 week.  Figure 2.  Carol Fenris aka Star Sapphire day!  Yay!

She comes on the standard card, and her pose,with her legs spread apart?  Not very feminine, is she?

I do like how the pink of the Star Sapphire logo clashes with the green of the packaging!

Star Sapphire comes with Stel's hand, but otherwise is accessory-less.  She's the typical DCUC female figure - I don't have that many of them anyways.  She doesn't give me that aneroxic look for a change.  I do like the heeled boots, although I'm not so sure about the high collar.  The collar also looks a bit weird the way it's affixed onto the torso.

The star on her groin is not painted really well which is a pity.  Otherwise, the paint on her, whatever little there is is fine.  Her face sculpt reminds me of Catra, but with pink instead of green mascara (or is that eye shadow?  I can never tell what ladies call their makeup)

Her ring is nicely sculpted on her fist and the paint on it isn't applied too thickly, which means the star symbol on the ring is visible.  It's weird that the ring is a weird shade of lavender instead of being being violet though.


The figure herself isn't too bad.  I like how she doesn't look aneroxic and can stand up on her own two feet.  She looks a bit weird next to Hal who's so much taller than her, but oh well, this is DCUC after all and scales seem to be a moving phenomenon.

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