Thursday, 7 July 2011

#552 of Year 2 DCUC The Question

It's Wave 11 week within DCUC month here on Toy a Day, and it's the fourth day which means I'm opening the fourth figure in Wave 11.  That happens to be the Question.  Now, Lemonjuice did a review of him here way back when he (Question, that is, not Lemonjuice, although I have no idea when he was released from the big house) was first release, and here's my take on the figure.

What can I say about the Question's packaging that I haven't already talked about?  Well, for starters, I expected his "eyes" image above the name to be bland.  Credit goes to Mattel for not making it too bland.  Also, he's packaged in a weird angle and seems to be "action posed" as if he's doing a brisk walk.

The Question actually won a poll posted by Mattel.  The poll had 6 figures and fans voted in the Question, probably because he was then going strong in the weekly series 52.  Mattel had a "Fan's Choice" starburst sticker put on the bubble to remind fans of this.

The question comes with a whole Kilowog leg that's almost as long as he is tall.  He does not have any accessories, but does come with a trenchcoat and hat.  The figure is sculpted rather nicely, with the folds of his waistcoat and trenchcoat giving both a lot of detail.  The paintwork on the torso is adequate.

The trenchcoat does hinder his leg movements despite the fact that it's articulated like most other DCUC figures, but that's to be expected.  His face is what I expected MotUC's Faceless One to resemble.  Sadly that was not to be so.

That trenchcoat does make him different from most other DCUC characters, yet he fits seemlessly into the line.

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